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Our Vision

We believe that the real estate finance industry is in the early stages of a major transformation that will create significant value for borrowers, investors and companies. Through online technology advancements we will drive increased efficiency. For borrowers, this means lower interest rates and better service. For investors, this means superior risk-adjusted returns that are not available in the public markets. And for our company, it means an opportunity to create value while effectively managing risk. – RUY MACHADO, OWNER

Our Process

We take care of our borrowers, which takes care of our investors.

Loan Application

 Our application process is simple and fast. We want to lend money to people who are smart, hard working, honest and consistent.

Loan Research

 We do the necessary diligence to ensure our loans are solid investments and that the projects we finance have a high probability of success.

Loan Funding

 We support our borrowers in every way possible. Not every rehab project goes as planned, but we’re there for you through the entire process, to help make your project a success.

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